Howard Entertainment Program Qualifications

The Howard Entertainment Program is open to Marketing and Management majors at Howard School of Business. To participate in this program, students must be juniors and in good standing with the University, as well as have at least a 2.75 GPA and a demonstrated interest in working in the entertainment industry. Only students who are scheduled to graduate on time will be considered for this program. Applicants should be prepared to undergo a rigorous interview process to be selected to participate in this program. 

In the Spring, selected students will live in Los Angeles, CA where they will take classes taught at a partner institution as well as two elective classes (described below) taught by a member of Howard’s Marketing department. Students will also participate in an interdisciplinary learning opportunity in the Spring. And during the Summer, students will intern with Amazon Prime Video or another partner company. 

MKTG 345: The Economics of Film & Entertainment 

Each year Americans spend at least 120 billion hours and over $150 billion on entertainment. In spite of this, the economics of the sector are often misunderstood. This course examines the economics of the major entertainment enterprises: movies and television programming, music, sports, and more. In addition, this course explores emerging issues that are shaking up the industry, the basic facts and economic characteristics of these industries, and how the sector is impacted by macro-economic factors. To highlight the complexities of the economic industry, this class features guest lectures by seasoned professionals from the film and entertainment industries. Students can specifically expect to interact with professionals from CBS, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Amazon Prime Video, and like companies. 

MKTG 335: Film Industry Marketing  

This class is designed to expose students to the aspects of a movie marketing campaign. We will focus on the marketing decisions that studios make to generate and sustain excitement for films. “The focus will be on solving marketing problems by using today’s available resources, both traditional and emerging. The class will rely on lectures, case studies, guest speakers and heavy classroom discussion to dissect current and past campaigns.” After completing this course, students should possess a: 

  • Heightened understanding of the concepts that drive movie marketing 
  • Equipped with an analytical framework for choosing the best marketing media 
  • Knowledge of the marketing concepts instrumental to a film’s lifespan 

This class will culminate with students developing a marketing campaign for one of Amazon Prime Videos’ movies and presenting their campaign to PV’s executives. 

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